You have a business idea and do not know how to develop it?

You are in transition to a new job? Or you a stuck to a job you do not like?

Are you moving to a new Country?

You feel prisoned in a troubleshoot situation or need to take an important decision?

You are in the middle of something you do not know how to get out of...


Our partnership make it happen....

- Name your desires and purpose

- Clear your goals and shape your direction

- Let you think in new ways about your situation, possibilities, and how to proceed, so that the solutions are yours. 

- Challenge on your limiting beliefs when they show up.

- Guide to new awarenesses and actions

- Exploring scenarios

I drive women in unlocking their talents to become their own life entrepreneurs.

From intention to action

From desire to achievement

From no way to your ways

I'll be your trustworthy partner along your development and change journey.

We'll create a space for your talents and for your awareness.

We'll uncover what’s holding you back, discovering the unconscious barriers and consider new perspectives, seeing the ‘big picture’.

The coaching process leads you finding your way and walk your own path.


What women achieved through my signature coaching walks 


“I set-up my own business after 6 years I had not been working and after moving abroad. After two pregnancies, I was fed up with me being just a mother and a wife. 

I recognised and revamped my talents and my resources, mainly networking.”

Italian moved to UK, willing to step back to her future now self-contractor.

Full intensive- 2 half-days and 6 coaching sessions

Building an inclusive and creative leadership is also about coaching the future generation

June 13, 2019

Rediscovering a new identity as expat and exploring a “third culture”. Offering myself a space to explore, fail and learn.

January 26, 2019

The evocative power of pictures- Going beyond words to open up awareness and explore possibilities.

January 10, 2019

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I am a professional certified coach, accreditated by the International Coach Federation, adhering to ICF Code of Ethics.


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