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Your strengths are in service of your goals. Unlock your talents starting from your personal strengths exploration and understanding.

September 27, 2018




When needed and agreed with the client, we go for an objective assessment to:

  • discover what you naturally do best

  • learn how to develop your greatest talents 

  • understand and draw the best action plan 

The assessment gives back precious information that shall be shared and explored through an expert Coach guidance.


Talents theme sorts into one of four domains:

  • strategic thinking

  • executing 

  • influencing

  • relationship building

These domains describe how people and teams use their talents to work with information, make things happen, influence others and build relationships.

Understand how your different talents domains work with others will support you in finding an answer: 

  • How I decide? How I take action?

  • How can I make things happen?

  • How can I influence others?

  • How I nurture strong relationships?

This methodology is winning in applying for a new job or in your next salary review: first you became aware of what makes you different and then you make the difference.

You’ll receive insights that will change the way you work and will impact the rest of your life.





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