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The evocative power of pictures- Going beyond words to open up awareness and explore possibilities.

January 10, 2019

Along my way practising as a Coach, I met some people asking me what photo coaching is. I was used to explaining the process, how using pictures is so powerful in a coaching conversation -and in a silent-coaching conversation -the training I got etc.


Then I realised I had just to show how working with pictures had been powerful with myself.

And.... here I am, I know I am exposing an intimate personal framework. It’s about me being disappointed, it’s about my quiet image on peace, it’s about me as individual and lonely thinker. I sometimes come back to this table when I need to stop for a while and clear my priorities. 



Last June I had the tremendous opportunity to work with Davide Tambone (http://www.photocoachingprogram.com) and his peculiar “I see you/you see yourself” model and catching as much as possible about photography power in coaching. The methodology is purely creation innovative and working with pictures is an inspiration for your soul.

A special thanks to Davide as a Coach, a professional trainer, a mentor.


How does it work in a coaching program? 4 dimensions
You take a picture of yourself. It’s not a selfie, though. It’s a “blind self-portrait”, no filter, as spontaneous as possible. It’s a black box: when it’s opened through the proper questions by the coach, you discover the hidden you.

Someone takes a picture of you : you are photographed by the coach, a friend, a colleague exploring your behaviours. 

You take pictures of the worlds elements around you. The focus is now on the system you live in. It’s a personal job on a specific topic you are focusing on. Some unexpected interpretations come out and important information are collected to go deeper.


You choose and analyse pictures among an existing range (taken by friends, media, shown by the coach). This approach can be useful to explore metaphors emerging from images. As a coach I use barefoot cards -specific for mindful coaching- 
It depends on what the client agenda. 

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The evocative power of pictures- Going beyond words to open up awareness and explore possibilities.

January 10, 2019

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